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Twitter for iPad : “See life from a different perspective.” 🙏

Nathaniel E Burleson shares an emotional and powerful story in response to Drew Brees.

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Twitter for iPad : Jon Heyman There’s no limit to the number of fans but they are required to social distance? Seems contradictory

Twitter for iPad : Today on @aroundthehorn on opinions.

Avoidance and obfuscation masked as an opinion is not genuine ground for dialogue & the conversation.

It’s showing up at a burning house and demanding the house next door- which is not on fire- get the water because all houses matter.

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Twitter for iPad : The only time I’ve had a gun pointed at me it was by a police officer twitter.com/netw3rk/status…

Twitter for iPad : After seeing a different angle? The one we’ve all been watching wasn’t sufficient to establish that’s no way for police to treat an elderly citizen? twitter.com/jeffrussowkbw/…

Twitter for iPad : Kordell Stewart had one of my all-time favorite quotes after this game: “I had confidence deep down inside, behind my heart, behind all the arteries and stuff."


Twitter for iPad : Jeff Zillgitt) 's Twitter Profile">Jeff Zillgitt Sekou Smith Tony Jones Jon Krawczynski Jeff Zillgitt) 's Twitter Profile">Jeff Zillgitt I had a similar thing happen to me 2 years before at Michigan. Wolverines had the ball and the lead, just had to run down the clock...and they fumbled while we were in the elevator. I did get to so the winning td for Illinois that time though.

iPhone : Who does this protect?

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Twitter for iPad : Jeff Zillgitt Sekou Smith Tony Jones Jon Krawczynski I stayed in the press box and was walking to the elevator when Kordell threw the ball. Ran right back to my seat and started typing. I’ll never forget the elevator opening a couple minutes later and everyone rushing back in the press box to rewrite

Twitter for iPad : Karen Rivedal The fact that he’s an elected official is another reason against running it. Don’t allow him to hide under the NYT banner. Let him hold a press conference if he wants to get that toxic stuff out there. Be willing to take questions afterward.

Twitter for iPad : One of my brothers made a public statement yesterday that I disagreed with. He apologized & I accept it because that’s what we are taught to do as Christians. Now back to the movement! #GeorgeFloyd

Twitter for iPad : Someone who was a CABINET LEVEL SECRETARY just 18 months ago described the president as a threat to the constitution today.

I feel like we’re missing how crazy that is amidst the chaos that is 2020