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Twitter Web App : As usual, Democrats will act like terrorists and hold the entire bill hostage until they get what they want, and the Republicans will cave and allow it happen because they're afraid the media will call them mean things.

A tale as old as time. twitter.com/JakeSherman/st…

iPhone : An important message that we too often hide from.

Let’s get a flood of prayers up for brother David and then take his advice with our own loved ones. twitter.com/dpricefarms/st…

Twitter Web App : Wrigley1332 Your average run-of-the-mill liberal is not a threat.

However, the AOC-Ilhan-Bernie wing that is seemingly rising to power in the party and I fear is the future of the party are extremely dangerous and radical. Get complacent and we'll wake up and be living in their "utopia"

Twitter Web App : I figured I'd post this because I actually get this question a lot... "Why don't you call out so and so more often?"

This is why. I left the journalism industry and I have no obligation to go right down the center.

All I care about is the kind of world my kids grow up in.

Twitter Web App : A good friend asked me why I only call out right sometimes, but I'm regularly savage on the left.

My response:

"I call out the left more aggressively because in MY OPINION, they are an actual threat to my way of life & the future of my children.

It really is that simple."

Twitter Web App : Come on, lets go.

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Twitter Web App : I will tell you this, Joe Biden is lucky to have "Democrat" behind his name.

No Republican candidate would ever survive after telling a black man "you ain't black," and then asking another black black man, "Are you a junkie?"

Twitter Web App : I mean, it's such a winning message.

That, mixed with his glowing personality, how can he possibly lose?!

Twitter Web App : Hi, I'm Joe Biden. I'm running for president.

I can't always string together a cohesive idea, but when I do, it's to let you know I offer no border security, higher taxes, wrecked economy, & high crime.

Think you can keep that rifle to defend your family? Don't count on it! twitter.com/SteveGuest/sta…

Twitter Web App : Holy. Sh*t.

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Twitter Web App : This will be the playbook they use to get him out of debates too. His people have no intention of letting Joe Biden debate Trump live and in person. twitter.com/tylerpager/sta…

Twitter Web App : 🙄 Kurt Teutsch 🥏 this is the most ignorant thing ive ever heard. Not saying he;'s handled it perfectly but "flatten the curve" doesn't mean the virus is going to magically disappear. It was never going to just go away no matter what we did, just delay it and drag it out

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden is asked if he has or will take a cognitive test to prove Donald J. Trump is wrong about his cognitive decline.

Naturally, he responds by asking black reporter if he is a junkie.

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