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Bio Author, futurist, anti-guru. New book John Dee and the Empire of Angels: johndee007.com. PGP Public Key Fingerprint: twitter.com/jasonlouv/stat…
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TweetDeck : This morning I seem to have been presented with two choices—lament over dead mentors and lost time, or sober up and Turn the Wheel Again. 2020 makes all the "old" strategies more relevant than ever...

TweetDeck : Nothing could now be more important than real-world networking - the creation of positive voluntary associations of people willing and daring enough to cut through the social trance. Nothing!

TweetDeck : It is now essentially impossible to communicate what occulture was like before the social web, when people actually had to network in dark and underground corners. Although perhaps tech censorship will force it to be that way again

TweetDeck : For all its darkness and failure I feel indescribably lucky to have been a part of the chaos culture of the 90s-00s. We will not see that kind of savage and frightening freedom again

TweetDeck : If anyone seems to have acted well, he should not be said to have acted rightly unless he acted out of the love which has God as its object.

TweetDeck : 🤯 NEW MAGICK.ME MEGACOURSE! I’ve put together the ultimate package to give you everything you need to RETAKE 2020... like a Magician. Check it: magick.me/p/alchemy

TweetDeck : Awoken from their slumber by the wailing of the worlds, the Last Battalion shall have their vengeance on those who tore apart the world they died to build

TweetDeck : At last to the East, distant about three degrees, appeared a fiery crest above the waves; slowly it reared like a ridge of golden rocks, till we discovered two globes of crimson fire, from which the sea fled away in clouds of smoke; and now we saw it was the head of Leviathan.

Twitter Web App : The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between true and false no longer exists. Hannah Arendt