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iPhone : This truly is an application "arms race" as Bryan Carmody puts it. Residency program transparency + application caps + holistic review could all help & would optimize program-applicant fit. This is unsustainable for all, and does not create better doctors. x…

Twitter for iPad : Brendan Johnson Grant Lin, MD/PhD Amen, brother. In many ways, overapplication is the original sin in residency selection, and unless we do something to address it, we’re going to have a very limited ability to make system-wide improvements.

Twitter for iPad : The life insurance companies didn’t care about the logic of hypertension. They simply observed that their customers with high blood pressure were more likely to result in a loss for the company - and acted to protect their interests.

Twitter for iPad : In case you’re wondering about the attitude of MDs toward the treatment of hypertension at the time, here’s a quote from the premier cardiology textbook of the era:

Twitter for iPad : In the 1920s, while many MDs were being taught that a “normal” systolic BP was age + 100, life insurance companies increased premiums for hypertension.

Why? They had skin in the game.

Today, my life insurance company mailed me this mask.

Hmmm... could they be onto something?

Twitter for iPad : Benjamin Mazer Well, I like to think that merely submitting the application caused someone, somewhere, to forcefully spit out a swallow of their coffee.

Twitter for iPad : If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you will not be surprised to learn that my application for the UME-GME Review Committee was summarily rejected.

But this is important work - so if you care about these issues, reach out to those who have been tapped to represent you.…