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iPhone : David Tracy I just read your post about the patina’d ‘57 F100 and I think you could/should do a feature on this 2JZ/Crown Vic IFS/Mustang IRS swapped F100 built by a Jalop/Oppo commenter:…

Twitter Web App : Even during the 90s I was always unsafe. Its really the last like 20 years that people started caring.…

iPhone : #ThrowbackThursday We dont always pay winners with nickels. We once gave the winners the check written on a toilet seat and in 2011, we gave the Sonoma winners garbage bags full of ruble notes. Yes, that is Bill Caswell holding up probably $11 in Russian bills.

Twitter Web App : BZ to Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle on completing the Tactical Air (Strike) aviator syllabus. Swegle is the U.S. Navy’s first known Black female TACAIR pilot and will receive her Wings of Gold later this month. HOOYAH! @FlyNavy NASKingsvillePAO #ForgedByTheSea #CNATRA #CNATRAgrads

Twitter Web App : Scientist community: Its pronounced U-rah-nus.

Everyone else:

iPhone : Well our Spa 24 has been a fun one already. A registration issue means the TRST eSports squad is having to register for the 11:30 race instead. Meanwhile TRST Black qualified 13th and immediately lost 10 places after a car stalled on the *formation lap*. Great. Awesome.

Twitter Web App : new york taught me courage and how to walk two miles in high heels, but now that I have an agent its time to move to Los Angeles and invest in GOOP…

iPhone : Eric Johnson Brandon Turkus I’ve considered it, and the warranty would make it less of a headache, but idk if I want to subject her to Jaguar ownership after spending three years convincing her that the BMW’s issues were really just fun lil adventures.

Twitter Web App : One of these things is not like the others/
One of these things just doesnt belong...…

Twitter Web App : Does someone pit on the offchance that they are going to get ten laps in and win that way? Probably not. The truck race is over if the cameramen have been pulled in.

iPhone : Alright Im restarting Witcher 3 from the beginning. No clue how far into I was last time I played, which was a couple years ago.

Twitter Web App : blipshift taking more of my money... Not that I mind. Was considering printing something in the HKS pattern myself for a little bit. Now I dont have to!…

Twitter Web App : And the fact that BMW SA have sold out all their units for the month of June, in the midst of a pandemic, shows the appetite for a BMW Super-SUV is certainly there.

Overall both X5M and X6M models live up to the lofty standards in this segment.

iPhone : The 180 after the long straight is decreasing radius, then opens up, then decreases again. A race in the rain here is going to be amazing.

iPhone : Kings coach Luke Walton says two members of the team that were left behind have now had two negative tests and will be rejoining the team in Orlando soon

Android : For those that cant make out my potato quality camera that is a scene from Super Mario airbrushed on to the side of a Mark II which also has a giant wing and what looks like an intercooler

Twitter Web App : This lecture by an F-22 test pilot on the Raptors flight control system is bonkers:…

Android : Metal Gear Solid (1998)

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Twitter Web App : It takes a lot of courage to call out wrongdoing, especially when it’s inflicted by your own boss. What my colleagues at L.A. Times Food have endured over the last year is unacceptable. The failures in our newsroom that allowed this abuse to occur must be identified and addressed.…

iPhone : Jack Garner 🚂 Now I’m just imagining how much better it would be if we were all like, “man, that Jeff Bezos sure is ultra wealthy, AND he owns the absolute best company to work for in the entire world!” Instead he seems more like a 19th century robber baron.

Twitter Web App : I found this haiku i wrote a long time ago about a GM product decision in 1981.

Gas crisis. Now what?
Martinis clink. A memo:
Build Chevette diesel

Twitter Web App : Bakkster There are hundreds in prison right now whose trials have been made void by this, including some on death row. Also, this area is vast enough that it includes most of Tulsa.

But really, it marks the first time the US Government has upheld a treaty in a big way.

Twitter Web App : Need? No.
Want? Sure. Otherwise, why keep making them?…

iPhone : Motorcycles are 1 percent of the vehicles on the road, but ~15 percent of deaths. Yes, other vehicles have grown bigger, but the majority of motorcycle deaths are in single-cycle accidents. Helmets could save hundreds of lives a year, but in many places, freedom trumps safety.

SocialFlow : Harley-Davidson to cull 700 jobs globally this year

iPhone : .@realdonaldtrump apologize to Melania for your pocket mouse, apologize to the women you GBTP, apologize to Kap, apologize to all #AfricanAmericans you have denigrated, apologize to the American people because your presidency has been a #HOAX! Yours truly #UPPITY #nascar #indycar…

TweetDeck : .Juan Valence is hiring! Come join the chillest, hardest-working, and most innovative team in the industry. Looking for a Senior Product Manager ( and a Senior iOS Engineer (ping me). Jobs are west-coast-ish and dont forget were backed by CarGurus 🔥

Android : The Seattle City Council unanimously approved legislation that would provide Seattles gig economy workers with premium pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.

iPhone : These motherfuckers went from “wearing a mask is tyranny” to “the government can shoot anyone on the street at night” pretty fucking quick.

Twitter Web App : Okinawa Governor Tamaki said he was “shocked” by the development on the Japanese island that has reported only 148 cases of #COVID19 since the pandemic began.

“We have strong doubt about measures (taken by the US troops) to prevent the spread of the virus,” he added.

Twitter Web App : They are burying the lede here, but Los Angeles Apparel is the new company started by former American Apparel owner Dov Charney.…

Hootsuite Inc. : We have all good things here. Bravo! This customer has managed to keep all the greatest art forms in one sweet little corner. Always puts a smile on our face to see who starts their day by pressing PLAY! 😁#vinyl #records #hifi

iPhone : With everyone stuck at home, its been a tough stretch for kids *and* parents. Need a break? Summer Play LA gives kids aged 6-14 cool, safe stuff to do weekdays at 46 City parks. & its affordable. We worked hard in CD5 office to make this happen! Info:

iPhone : Lancaster Station Detectives asking for public’s help locating two named parties for alleged robbery of elderly man. Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts is asked to call our station at (661)948-8466.

iPhone : As we reimagine public safety, accurate & detailed information is key. Last year, LAPD officers were called for help on 979,592 occasions.

For police officers, a call for service is a call for help, and no two calls are ever the same.

iPhone : David Obuchowski That’s awful! I’ve been on Humira for a little over a year and perhaps you have used their savings card already, but it helps tremendously with my out of pocket being 5 dollars a month. Not sure how long you’ve been on Humira so perhaps my luck will run out money wise.

FeedBlitz : #TrappedVehicle; INC#0876; 3:12PM; 2199 N Stadium Wy;; #ElysianPark; Single vehicle roll over down a hillside with three patients (age/gender unknown). One patient is in serious condition and will require ...

iPhone : We need your help! If you have any information regarding this Fatal Hit & Run Collision, which occurred in the area of 8th & Westmoreland on 2/22/20 at approx. 0400 hrs, please contact LAPD West Traffic Detectives at (213) 473-0234 / (213) 473-0222. #LAPD #VisionZero

Android : TikTok Apologizes After Inadvertently Giving Platform To Thousands Of Theater Kids

iPhone : Jumping into the deep end to explore the possibilities of B2B marketing in motorsport. Any tips for a first time #mpb2b attendee are welcome!

iPhone : An absolute legend. What a player, what a manager and what a personality. RIP Big Jack Charlton: 1966 England World Cup winner dies aged 85…