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iPhone : let me explain this again.

not voting is simply not voting.

that is it. nothing more. nothing less.

if you decide to do whatever...do it. what i will not do is shame people into voting for xyz by yelling “trump supporter” at them. “lesser evil” is still evil so that’s that.

iPhone : Isaiah That faulty logic is based in transphobia and since you can’t recognize that, you are willfully ignorant. AGAIN, if you realized the tweet was wrong, delete it and apologize. You clearly can’t admit you’re wrong if that tweet is still up and you can’t acknowledge your transphobia

iPhone : Isaiah Did I call you that specifically? No. Funny how it resonated with you though.

Not transphobic at all? You said trans athletes need their own league. That’s transphobic, and just dumb. If you knew it was faulty, delete the tweet and apologize. it’s not my job to educate you.

iPhone : We know you’ve been wondering about our first back to school event so guess what? BSM is officially back! Join us for Black Convocation on this upcoming Sunday, August 16, at 6pm to bring in the new school year and learn more about BSM! ❤️💚🖤

iPhone : Because some of y’all don’t know what ABOLISH means.

“Vote blue no matter who” is acting as if democrats are above criticism.

Racism and injustice is bipartisan.

iPhone : Voting isn't gonna change the world, y'all. Change comes from true organizing & building a continuum of civic engagement that extends far past November.

People who cast their ballot and think they've done their one good civic deed every 4 years won't understand that, though.

iPhone : I literally spend day in & day out registering voters, organizing my community, leading protests, reading policy, and literally being the change I want to see. I'm not bothered by ppl saying they won't vote.

The ones who complain about non-voters barely even be in the streets.

iPhone : When I was younger, my dad told me:

“As a Black person, always expect America to disappoint you.”

Day after day. Year after year.
He continues to be right.

iPhone : twitter.com/usatodaydc/sta…

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