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iPhone : Study shows 24% decrease in death and hospitalization. That could have been 50K lives saved😳. Randomized Controlled Trials of Early Ambulatory Hydroxychloroquine in the Prevention of COVID-19 Infection, Hospitalization, and Death: Meta-Analysis | medRxiv…

iPhone : Sen. @TedCruz: Christopher C. Cuomo, “there was a time when CNN actually cared about being journalistic and talking about facts. Donald Trump broke you guys. Your entire network now is how much you hate Trump.

Wow 🔥🔥🔥

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iPhone : “Raise your hand if you think Joe Biden won the debate”

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iPhone : Im sure very few liberals follow me at this stage in the game but in case you do and keep missing this answer, here ya go…

iPhone : Philly Election Official says City Hall is NOT a public building!! TRUMP observer thrown out of City Hall! what are they doing??

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iPhone : The Fake News media tells us mail-in voting is an air tight system with no potential for fraud.

And yet, here’s another example of just how prone to fraud the system is...…

iPhone : I’m looking back over the debate and I just realized that Joe Biden didn’t answer a single question, nor does he have a specific campaign plan for his presidency. He’s literally the #GhostCandidate