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iPhone : With less than 4 years in office, the impeached president has now spent a full year of his term at his own luxury properties. At YOUR expense. How many N95s could have been purchased to replenish the national PPE stockpile with the money we’ve paid to his own resorts?…

iPhone : The FEC is so broken it is unable to meet and may be permanently stuck at 3 commissioners out of an intended 6. It’s time for a constitutional amendment on campaign finance reform—we cannot trust politicians to police themselves via legislation and politician-controlled bodies.…

iPhone : You can lead a horse to water…” is true in a city only if you first can get water *to* the horse. #HoofHistory reveals that by 1900 access to water for urban horses was tangled with engineering challenges, health issues, + politics. Advocates for horses answered the challenge.

iPhone : L.A. renters are still protected under the City’s Eviction Moratorium if you cant pay some or all of your rent due to COVID-19. But we need more help like Maxine Waterss bill to allocate $100B in mortgage & rent relief. Senate & White House need to act ASAP. #RentReliefLA