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iPhone : Lebanon have been hit so bad by the corona virus pandemic, then the economic crisis and now the nuclear like explosion.... Indeed 2020 is an unforgettable year. May God protect the people of Beirut and give them lasting peace #Beirut

iPhone : I am a strong believer that everyone goes at different paces but always ends up where they need to be

iPhone : Sky WiFi you need to sort yourself out Iv never experienced such a slow pace in my life

iPhone : CH Ye obvs, deffo no one stuck to it but it’s just the concept that the government enforced it

iPhone : when people are unhappy within themselves
they interpret everything as bitter and shade throwing,
let them misinterpret they cannot comprehend someone being unproblematic and unbothered.
We don't need any more negativity in 2020 let them be on their bullshit

iPhone : I genuinely feel sorry for the Muslim community, imagine watching people go to crowded pubs and restraunts but you can’t have your family over to celebrate eid ?

iPhone : It’s absolutely mental how many people are okay with calling a corner shop a p*ki shop in this city yeno, it’s vile.