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iPhone : Kitty Ann Swink Thank you for clarifying. I was not talking about protesters. I do worry about their safety, but trust they understand the risk they are taking in order to be heard. I was referring to the naysayers or the people who say it’s a hoax or don’t take it seriously.

iPhone : Really sick of hearing people talk about how covid isn’t real or is over. Want to meet the patients me and my colleagues have seen with a collapsed lung or coughing up blood? Just because you got bored with it or 2020 brought fresh hell doesn’t mean it went away.

iPhone : Right now, it’s hard to know what to say. I don’t want to stay silent. I don’t want to say the wrong thing that doesn’t help. Our country is broken and we need accountability. It breaks my heart and leaves me speechless when that is the last thing I want to be. #WeNeedChange

iPhone : THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1959)

Cinematography by George T. Clemens
Directed by John Brahm
From the episode Time Enough At Last
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iPhone : 7AM and I just saw a grown man in the park by himself ribbon twirling. He’s either lost it or found something. That something being an immense passion for adult ribbon twirling.

iPhone : The world is a dimmer place without Fred Willard . He lit up the set of Wizards with the fervor of a brand new actor even though calling him seasoned would be an understatement! He was a talented comedian and a bright light of a man. This industry won’t be as radiant without him