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Masks for all? Top scientists say yes.

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Android : NEW: Houston & Tampa see 800% increase in nursing home cases. Phoenix 900%.

The just isolate the old strategy is not just a bad social strategy, it is hard to make work.…

Android : Refusing to wear a face mask during the Covid-19 pandemic should be as socially unacceptable as drunk-driving or driving without using a seat belt, a UK science official says.

Android : “Two families who attended the party & later tested positive for the coronavirus returned to work afterward, infecting at least 9 of their co-workers, the contact tracing map shows. Those co-workers subsequently infected their parents, kids & spouses.”…

Android : Nice to see so many people in Edinburgh today wearing face coverings & treating it as normally as carrying phone & keys into a shop.…

Twitter Web App : Personally, I've had nothing but welcoming and thoughtful discussion with conservative radio and TV shows I've done about mask wearing.

Twitter Web App : We don't hear much about great public health messaging in the conservative media. I think we should promote it.

So on that note, here's a very positive interview I did on American Agenda recently about the importance of masks.

Twitter Web App : I know that the reported numbers from this week have a lot of people saying "I told you so", but from a modeling perspective, the rapid rise in cases+deaths in the US is fairly unprecedented.

I follow data for 70+ countries and the US is truly in a league of its own.