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Twitter Web App : When the pandemic is over I cannot imagine traveling for a meeting ever again. Like, not even to a different place in the same city. You want me to go...? To a specific room? Outside of my house? To talk? Why?

Twitter Web App : Breakthrough! PyTorch torchvision 0.8.0 introduces native image reading and writing operations for JPEG and PNG formats.

Starting a new #computervision era :)

Twitter Web App : excited to be part of such a stellar team
cheers to @artnome who came up with that brilliant idea 😍…

Twitter Web App : The standard formula for estimating kidney function is designed to score Black people differently, for highly questionable reasons.

A review of 2019 data suggests dozens of Black patients in the Boston area may have missed out on transplant referrals.…

Twitter Web App : Me:

Google: We changed our Calendar app icon!

Me: Can you stop doing that?

Google: Also hope you don't mind we're gonna sunset Hangouts and the other 9 messaging apps that we made, don't worry though, we're gonna launch another 7 competitors to Slack so stay tuned!

Twitter Web App : 1900: Librarian says free libraries = too much reading

“Great care must be exercised by parents to see that their children do not read too much”

“When visiting a school recently 3 pupils in one room were noticed reading books under their desks


Twitter Web App : Haven't mailed your ballot yet? USPS recommends you do by Tuesday to make state deadlines…

Twitter Web App : Huge #PyMC3 announcement: The Future of PyMC3, or: Theano is Dead, Long Live Theano… Couldn't be more excited about the future.

Twitter Web App : Oh my gosh. 70+ top-1 on imagenet with less than 13 labeled samples per class!!! Huge compute and unlabeled data is all you need!…