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Bio I like my media like I like my coffee. Dark and often.
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iPhone : Me, getting ready to enter the cage for my MMA debut.

My mother: *Licks her thumb and wipes a smudge off of my forehead*

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Twitter Web App : Apex Magazine I use Hangouts for work, and its great (much better connectivity than Zoom)... but Im not sure how easy it would be without GSuite...

Android : Ah yes, 1:13 A.M, time for me to craft yet another tantalizing tweet for your twitter feed.

Twitch is used as a money laundering front for selling OnlyFans subscriptions, but no one wants to rat out the person thats making them orgasm. If only Al Capone was alive today...

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iPhone : 3 1/2 years stuck at a shitty company where they cared more about their image than their employees. I was treated like shit, bullied, my mental health declined to the point of wanting to kill myself. I finally got courage to put in my 2 weeks just to get fired the next day so...

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