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Bio Computers and #scicomm. 日本語学が好きです! He/him/they, please.

Now: Python engineer in computer vision
Then: PhD-ish @TAMU accelerator physics, BSc @UMBC physics+math

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TweetDeck : VICTORY!! 136 points vs. 101 and 113. I am choosing to attribute this success to my doctorate. Look how blooming complicated it is to track the scores in this game...!

TweetDeck : As we enter the second hour of play, the general feeling is one of frustration and an inability to progress (much like my experiences as an early career researcher, then).

TweetDeck : I feel like the only things I ever hear about nix are from nix users gushing about its design.

Do I have any followers that use nix and have a "this fixed a problem for me" story to tell about it?

TweetDeck : I should clarify that if I had remembered how NodeVisitor subclasses work, I could probably have cut this time in half, at least, but it took me a while to get my bearings again.

Parser generators rule 💪

TweetDeck : Python library tweet:

I really really love Erik Rose's parsimonious. I'm working on a tool that will allow users to specify a sequence of parametrized transformations, and in the span of about an hour, I've got a useful implementation of a DSL! 🙌