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iPhone : The Founders wrote the 2nd amendmet in response to the need for a civilian militia after the American Revolution.

Point 1 - they never foresaw the advancement in weapon technology.

Point 2 - The clowns on the right are certainly not well regulated.
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iPhone : Gov’s defied 45 w/
#StayHome &:
Whitmer(D-MI) We get Capital Craziness. White ppl w/ guns
Evers(D-WI) SC strikes it down & now purging voters
Walz(D-MN) 45 pouring⛽️on racial tension🔥
Cooper(D-NC) halting RNC, “Proud Boys” deployed.
Yo, tell me I’m not seeing what I’m seeing.

iPhone : Trump, Barr, McConnell and the rest of their GOP ilk are on the wrong side of history.

The future is equality & peace.

We WILL get there.

iPhone : Take some time to read this thread from a true President.

Barack Obama offers hope in a time of great turmoil. This is how a President of the United States is supposed to sound.

I know it's hard right now, even for me, but we can't lose hope.

We must forge ahead.


iPhone : Is it just me, or should these simpering sycophants be pressed to go on the record and defend using tear gas on the clergy outside on the church grounds.

Top Republican senators defend Trump's church photo-op after peaceful protesters cleared out…

iPhone : I live in a small #SC County of about 40,000.

There was a peaceful protest on Saturday and another is planned for this weekend.

🆘🆘Right now - police and SWATT are closing down the uptown & surrounding area because a group of "agitators" are expected this evening.


iPhone : Lets raise $2500 in 24 hours for Carolyn Bourdeaux
for Congress in #GA07 -- its a TRIPLE MATCH!

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iPhone : AG Barr reportedly personally ordered the assault on a peaceable assembly and a house of worship.…

iPhone : We're turning up the heat next Sunday, June 7th in a big way!

We're got to keep up the fight for Joe Biden
and keep tweeting for him throughout the day with #GoJoe and #GoJoe2020 and #TrumpResignNow

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iPhone : “It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks & groans of the wounded that cry aloud 4 more blood, more vengeance & more desolation.”
-William Tecumseh Sherman