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Bio writing a book @atriabooks. also write TV. also see me in @newyorker @vanityfair @vulture & distantly in the sea mist
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Twitter Web App : interesting how, if i drink a glass of water before my coffee, i feel less insane than if i drink just coffee and no water. someone should look into this

Twitter Web App : there are more rules: if you have dated within the extended cinematic universe of a particular celebrity, you can participate in the memeing a few years later. if you dated ("dated") a celebrity and it ended badly, you will never be able to participate in their memeing. harmful

Twitter Web App : the rules are: if YOU are close with the celebrity, you can meme WITH them. if you do not personally know the celebrity but you're within arm's reach, you cannot meme. that is just the treatise

Twitter Web App : something that sucks about living in LA is you'll inevitably befriend someone who's very close with a celebrity, and then, via the unspoken LA social code, you're no longer allowed to participate in the memeing of that particular celebrity. it's very hurtful and limiting

Twitter Web App : i'm so saddened and disturbed by the news of naya rivera. naya meant so much to so many queer women my age. her character on 'glee' awakened a generation repressed. thank you, naya.