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Bio stan account + whatever else i feel like sharing that day. i tweet recklessly and that’s a metaphor for how i live my life #FreeBritney
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iPhone : Wow, this did not go well for Madison

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iPhone : #FreeBritney The Princess Of Pop deserves all our admiration and respect, current Pop Culture would never have been the same without her. Brit is the reason for the emergence of all the Pop artists of the moment who have been influenced by her.

iPhone : Nicki Minaj - performing her 5 star ( Remix ) Verse live with Yo Gotti on 106 and park in 2009.

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iPhone : “bitches’ tune switchin up, we take em to Jiffy now”

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iPhone : ever since the Parkland shooting, I’ve heard it said many times that 16 year olds should be able to vote and should be considered adults, but now there’s a “diss” track against a 17 year old, it’s suddenly SHE’S A CHILD. are you a child or damn near adult?? which is it?

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iPhone : idgaf what y’all have to say in response bc my opinion is unwavering on this. y’all so desperate these past few years for 16 year olds to be able to vote , but now it’s “17 is a child” bc it fits the narrative you want. PICK A SIDE PICK A SIDE like the queen Nicki Minaj said

iPhone : idk if its just me but y’all push the “17 is a child” thing too much. and if you listen to Sabrina’s song it actually ISNT a diss track - it’s a RESPONSE track. Cupcakke’s How To Rob is a real DISS track. twitter.com/anugov1/status…