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iPhone : Hospitals still not letting fathers into scan appointments and restricting their capacity to be there at birth of their child because of fears around Covid. Great lads in number 10 you got pubs back in business- now how about helping pregnant women and their partners….🤨🤷‍♀️

iPhone : My sister has worked her socks off building her beauty business for the past 11 months and has been entitled to NO support through this pandemic. She’s still not allowed to open & start earning a living again after months yet the pubs are opening on Saturday!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Go figure!

iPhone : HM Treasury Grab a drink & raise a glass?!! Seriously!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anyone else feeling fed up? I mean, REALLY fed up?
This week has properly tested me & it’s only sodding Wednesday 🙁

iPhone : HUGE crowds outside Anfield & down the beach flouting social distancing, meanwhile my husband still can’t accompany me to scans & appointments for our first child. Why do these people feel the rules don’t apply to them?!!!
Genuinely feeling so fed up today!!

iPhone : Attempted these today but I’m not sure they’re going to look anything like these. 🙈😫…

iPhone : Simply can’t even begin to fathom how someone’s first thought when they see someone fighting for their life is to stand there filming it. Either help out or show some bloody respect. Or better still get your sorry backside home. Thoughts with my home town #Reading tonight.

iPhone : Greater Manchester Police I certainly will be doing. To close my report a couple of hours after I submitted it to say you won’t be investigating as there’s no evidence, without even a phone call to discuss whether there could be evidence is poor in my opinion.

iPhone : Such positive news about the reduction in mortality by using Dexamethasone in Covid-19 positive patients.

Let’s hope them amazing research scientists can build on this so we can continue seeing progress. 🙏🏽

iPhone : There are 2 postcodes in the Bolton South East contingency that have the level of child poverty at over 50% according to Child Poverty Action Group. 50% !!