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Bio Wolves legend on FM12. Contributor to @City_Xtra. I used to feel like I hate karate, I hate project badass and I hate God. Turns out I just hate @MarkyThompson.
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Twitter Web App : I broke down the day's transfer stories and gave my opinions on which were legit and which ones had to quit.…

Android : I still to this day can't believe Sterling scored the winning penalty in a cup final.

Twitter Web App : Ryan #RoadToUtopia Nah, as much as Sterling frustrates me and has a penchant for bottling big chances, he still typically gets 20-25+ goals in all competitions. Grealish may do the same if we brought him in but I wouldn't take the risk.

Twitter Web App : This guy is twerking for Txiki and we won't get him because he signed a new contract with Villa 4 months ago.…

Twitter Web App : The number of signatures on our #RightToFood petition has increased 4x in the last 2 days.

Get involved:
✏️ Sign the petition below
✉️ Write to your councillors and MPs asking them to back it
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Andy Burnham Afzal Khan MP 💙 #manchester

Twitter Web App : Rob Steven Ahsan Naeem This Might Be Okay The Bane plane crash in TDKR was a mess before it got edited in post-production. I went to a sneak peek of it and it was hilariously bad sound-editing wise. He's too dedicated to the authenticity of how it sounds on film rather than going back and fixing it.

Twitter Web App : Ahsan Naeem Steven This Might Be Okay The editing is insane, I've no idea how, storyboard-wise, they managed to map out that final set piece. I'll take a few dodgy bits of dialogue for more intelligently made films like this any day. But then I love anything Nolan does so I'm quite biased.

Twitter Web App : He's right. Sometimes you need a reminder. If you can get a wake up call and still win then you're good. He'll be dead tough on them over the next few days, and that can only be a positive.…

Twitter Web App : Absolute charity penalty given to him and he bins it. Never put him near a penalty again.

Twitter Web App : Adam Booker I assume the American viewership is generally more of a neutral crowd, it feels like when commentating on City he's very much playing to the majority rival-supporting audience by constantly referring to how much our players cost. Otherwise quite complimentary of how we play.