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Twitter Web App : this thread! Maybe this idea is problematic and we can discuss. You can always message me as well. You know I am always down for an honest conversation.

Let me know your thoughts everyone! Thanks for your patience, and for your stories.

Twitter Web App : transparency would do a lot of good in these situations.
So in order for this to happen I need volunteers that would be interesting in participating with me. If you are also an artist or designer it would be extra dope to work on it together.
So anyone interested? Let's talk on

Twitter Web App : right now opens us up to discussing a whole wealth of problems that we face, from race, to colorism (P.O.C's you know what I am taking about), to a wide variety of phobia's, some of them closely tied to our cultures. We gotta face it though, the box is open and honesty and

Twitter Web App : ones that people disagree with or that don't fit in a conventional box, in an effort to help people focus on you, the person. We have all had different experiences in life; talking about people as individuals seems like it might be more meaningful.
In my mind, what is happening

Twitter Web App : memories that come with them. I would like to do a series of works that focuses on who we are, Black, Latino, White, Asian, etc. My friends y'know? I want these portraits to convey your hopes and your despair, the whole range of emotions and thoughts, even the

Twitter Web App : of you every day and wish you the best. Some of you have always known that I am there to reach out to if you need me and some of you have, which has been great!
Anyhow, to the art stuff! Ya'll know I love doing portraits. I love the wide variety of faces and personalities and

Twitter Web App : now, some welcome the new voices, some are stressed by them, and many are too busy with their own troubles to give it much thought.
I am pretty stoic but I care and worry for people daily. Especially, my former students. I think about all

Twitter Web App : I realize my last post had not context so, a thread:
Hello everyone,
I wanted to reach out for a moment and get some thoughts on something I have been trying to work on for a while now. The world is problematic. The thing is, it has always been this way. Some are just seeing it

Twitter Web App : about collaborating. The pic has to speak to me too and this idea is still conceptual so please be patient:)

If you have any questions let me know and if you feel like sharing this post that is cool too. Thanks!

Twitter Web App : it captures you! I plan to submit these as a show and maybe sell some prints or make a book or something so if you are interested, please attach a pic here. Once I start working on a portrait I will be reaching out to ask additional questions and if you are a designer we can talk

Twitter Web App : I am starting to gather resources for the "Hello, My Name is..." project that I mentioned a while back. Everyone is welcome to submit. If you are interested, please DM me a portrait style photo here. It can be professional or candid as long as you think...

Twitter Web App : A went further than I meant to on this. That being said, I know I could have kept going, but whats the point. This is not what I am going for... damn. #illustration #drawing #digitalpainting #portraits #commissionsopen