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TweetDeck : “The transcripts today quote Flynn telling Kislyak, ‘Do not, do not uh, allow this (Obama) administration to box us in, right now, okay?’ If that does not constitute ‘undermined the outgoing administration’s policy,’ what does?”
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TweetDeck : So here we have “Defending Main Street,” a super-PAC for moderate Republicans, attacking a conservative Republican in a GOP primary because, four years ago, she dallied with NeverTrump Republicans. All in hopes that GOP voters will elect the moderate. /1

TweetDeck : You must choose sides you must either endorse violent riots or endorse the killing of those who violently riot i do not make the rules this is 2020 and you are on twitter and any hint of nuance and you will be trolled without mercy also don’t ever tweet

TweetDeck : I believe both that Twitter's policy of using fact-checks on Trump is going to prove unworkable, and that Trump's threats against social media firms are authoritarian…