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iPhone : Dear Kevin,

Everything is so much clearer now. Republicans don’t believe in women’s rights, and ALSO believe America is a woman.


iPhone : Video simulation of how a single cough spreads microdroplets throughout an entire room. Opening doors and windows to allow air to circulate is critical.

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iPhone : Please wear a mask!

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iPhone : Donald Trump has fundamentally broken half of this country.

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iPhone : As coronavirus cases spike in California, a warning for Massachusetts

With Phase 3 reopening set to begin here, the explosion in infections in the Golden State suggests the Bay State should not act as if the disease has been conquered.…

iPhone : With Phase 3 of the reopening plan set to begin in Massachusetts come Monday, the explosion in COVID-19 infections in California suggests Massachusetts should not act as if the disease has been conquered.

iPhone : I'm reading a book on fascism (more later, when I'm done), and it is really striking -- like gobsmackingly obvious, in your face -- just how faithfully current GOP rhetoric echoes classic fascist themes. And how little those themes change! Same damn sh*t, every time.

iPhone : Democrats need to prevent an “October surprise” with Barr using DOJ as a political tool explains Jill Wine-Banks. #SistersInLaw Maya Wiley Barb McQuade Joyce Alene Talking Feds Podcast

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iPhone : Gottlieb says the fall COVID wave will be bad, and "we missed the window" to ramp up the supply of remdesivir, which takes months to make. "If the epidemic worsens," we "don't have enough" of it to help more patients. "We would have had to set the groundwork for that months ago."

iPhone : On FTN, Scott Gottlieb, MD says we're diagnosing only 1 in 12 cases. "That means we have about 700,000 infections a day," so "we’re right back where we were at the peak of the epidemic." But now, instead of just NY, we "have 4 major epicenters of spread": cities in AZ, CA, FL & TX.

iPhone : It's offensive and factually incorrect to grant Putin the democratic title of president, especially after his latest mockery of democracy. He's a dictator, say it clearly. My new op-ed:…

iPhone : Alan Dershowitz You represented Epstein, Alan Dershowitz. You would know if there were tapes. If you were on a tape w/a minor, I’m sure Epstein would have disposed of that tape at your request since you fought so diligently on a predator’s behalf. Now your making excuses for Ghislaine Maxwell.

iPhone : All this hysteria about a silly little flu (thats already killed 130,000 Americans, almost certainly a drastic undercount.) But fear not: Dear Leader is working tirelessly on a national strategy from the secret mobile lab at his golf course in Sterling VA. [photo via CBS News]

iPhone : The Trump campaign is sending fundraising emails promoting a free trip to Florida, the current epicenter of a global pandemic. It’s like getting an email from a parallel universe.