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iPhone : I was a teaching assistant for a brief period of time and all the kids kept calling me ‘Mr. Eleven’. I wish I had more avenues to use that pseudonym.

iPhone : It’s near the end of January and I’m opening a bunch of unused Christmas crackers by myself. Probably cracks my Top 10 most pathetic moments.

Twitter for iPad : I’ve found I’m at my happiest when I’m not thinking about my past, present, future, other people’s lives and asleep.

Twitter for iPad : Fun Fact: As a kid I had to be put in a neck brace after jamming to this tune too hard.

Twitter for iPad : I’d given blood in past & broadly accepted that hospitals having extra blood on hand was “good” but then I had opportunity to see someone get occasional transfusions who needed them. It’s a literal miracle. They change in front of you instantly. Give 🩸:

iPhone : .Boris Johnson: ...One of the theories is that... you know... perhaps you could sort of take it on the chin... Take it on in one go and allow the disease as it were to move through the population... 100,000 #COVID19 deaths later... #ResignJohnson

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iPhone : me: i would like to buy a piano

yamaha: ok

me: i’d also like to buy a motorcycle lol do u know where i can find a good one

yamaha: ur not gonna believe this