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iPhone : I should not have read the replies it is too early in the morning to read people supporting Curt Schilling, 10/10 worst way to start the day…

iPhone : People quote tweeting Bernie memes with “this is the best one” like they’re the final say for what’s funny on the internet as theres a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and thatll be a home run and so thatll make it a 4-0 ballgame

Twitter Web App : The Boston Bruins goal horn felt almost eerie when played amongst no fans 😳


Twitter Web App : Nazem Kadri brought his Monopoly board game with him on the Avs road trip.

Kadri, HUGE Monopoly guy 😂


Twitter Web App : Jennifer King has officially become the first Black woman to coach full-time in NFL history.

Twitter Web App : Gardner Minshew sports new Mississippi Mudflap mullet and people are absolutely loving it 😂


Twitter Web App : power of the mullet everyone will wake up one day…