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Twitter Web App : Peter Hitchens Peter, there is a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence to suggest that Covid19 is not organic in origin. You don't have to wander into radical "conspiracy theory" to discover that.

Twitter Web App : chasity Did you know the Pres of Tanzania sent their first batch of test kits back with papaya fruit samples in and they all came back positive? The testing is bullshit. Juts like the death stats.

Twitter Web App : I am extremely pleased that #CancelCulture is getting the cold scrutiny it deserves.

I hope this curious spasm in society can now be confidently challenged by rational, sensible people.

An important strike for the reasoned against the hateful and racist woke.

Twitter Web App : July 4 weekend.

8-year-old girl shot dead during BLM protest in Atlanta.

14 shot during street party, 2 dead.

67 shot, 13 fatally in Chicago, including 7-year-old girl shot in the head while stood on sidewalk.

Vast majority of perpetrators & victims black.

BLM march when?

Twitter Web App : Just look at how disgusted some of you are with people who attend Wetherspoons & then you might realise why those same people would vote for a fucking farm animal if it meant keeping your side from ruling over them.