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iPhone : 🎶Kellyanne and Kayleigh, girls, come quick! The boss is in a hole...🎶 #PoorDeplorableTroll 🦑🦑🦑

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iPhone : Adrienne LaFrance Few people are saying to wait for a vaccine. Many are saying, hey, how about surveillance testing like they have in all the other countries with significant transmission who have re opened? (Like Denmark.)

iPhone : Juliette Kayyem The Atlantic Test capacity just isn’t there? Well how about we get it there as a preliminary step, so we can see the ground truth before we start running in the dark? (And pooled testing increases capacity by 8-10x at least. We are just starting to get attention on this.)

iPhone : Juliette Kayyem The Atlantic And don’t object based on cost. We can do testing for under $5 per test. Pooled testing could drive costs way down. Cheap paper strip rapid test technology is said to be on the way (I’ll believe it when I see it). We just haven’t prioritized it.

iPhone : Juliette Kayyem The Atlantic Finally, testing. We don’t have it. Not surveillance testing that would let us gather data on whether or not schools are contributing to community spread. If we had that (LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES), yeah, sign me up. Without it? Flying blind.

iPhone : Juliette Kayyem The Atlantic This is a result of cascading leadership and governance failure at all levels imho.

I can’t even get an answer locally on what level of virus transmission would cause schools to be forced to go virtual. If you can’t at least say what range would cause re evaluation...

iPhone : Juliette Kayyem The Atlantic The amount of information and decisions that need to be managed is overwhelming once you look at the whole picture. And all of this is being pushed down to local officials and staff (who are replicating work that should be centralized).

iPhone : Juliette Kayyem The Atlantic I’m deeply invested in this locally (two kids) & don’t forget the major problems of school systems WITH FUNDING CUTS being asked to reinvent how they do things (no matter what, school is not looking the same) in 8 weeks. In the face of a rapidly evolving pandemic.

iPhone : SCOTUS took two weeks to rule against Nixon. How many more months are they gonna slow walk this sh*t?…

iPhone : We are funding nonpartisan voter registration initiatives in areas of the U.S. with long histories of voter suppression. Help us spread the word to educators and students in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi—and learn more here.

iPhone : Matthew Kracht Eric Topol Well, that’s the worry, isn’t it? Iceland actually appears in good shape (being an island, having good governance, keeping new cases out, etc); they can actually do contact tracing and keep things contained.