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Twitter Web App : August: evictions loom, deaths proliferate, and tens of thousands of teachers refuse to report to "work," while tens of millions of parents keep their kids at home. Let's see how this plays out. June might have been the "feeling out" phase.

Twitter Web App : lol twitter.com/Sarma_Aalia/st…

Twitter Web App : sign in solidarity with COLA comrade Carlos at Santa Cruz, who is targeted for a long suspension by the strike-busting UCSC admin #cola4all twitter.com/CourtneyEchols…

Twitter Web App : “Every worker needs a union at their jobs and at their homes!”

Vanessa Baker from Tenant and Neighborhood Councils speaks about labor and tenant unions fighting and learning together through struggle against systemic racism.

#BlackLivesMatter #EndSystemicRacism

Twitter Web App : You don't have to be a full-on Dengist to take stuff like this seriously


Twitter Web App : This Saturday, JDW Tenants Union will be hosting a car caravan action to put some pressure on our landlord and show some solidarity to fellow tenants. RSVP here:

Twitter Web App : no lords ok but how the hell can I get out when someone named CoolAutoZone is in my mentions

Twitter Web App : human Rorschach test Thomas Lord biz malarkey🌹 Social Housing is also dependent on the market - taxes do come from taxation on capital accumulation, after all, which means that when things get tough austerity can be used to destroy the SH system, unless you have the power to defend it. We've seen welfare retrenchment happen.

Twitter Web App : human Rorschach test Thomas Lord biz malarkey🌹 Bylaws? A CLT is not exempt from the market. Nor is social housing! Both are integrated into the circuitry of capital. A CLT will be integrated into finance capital—it must leverage its assets to get more assets. If market fails, CLT is stuck with deadweight, underwater mortgages

Twitter Web App : human Rorschach test Thomas Lord biz malarkey🌹 I see social housing as something different (housing provisioned by the state, funded through progressive tax structure). But SocHousing was a product of a sequence of struggle long past. We don't have the power to force real social housing to happen in any real way today.