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Bio Scottish, RFC, support Indy too because I’m a grown up & can think for myself. Ex Labour because they don’t care about Scotland, ditto Tories, ditto Lib Dems.
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iPhone : Matt Hancock BDA Oh good Matt, I heard Bellmarsh has a good dentist. You’ll undoubtedly need there service once you go to the showers. Prepare your defence, you’re going down for gross negligence leading to the deaths of 60,000 British citizens. WE WILL NOT MOVE ON - NOR WILL WE FORGET’

iPhone : This isn't a fact check. It's "well here's what Mr Gove and Mr Cummings and his wife" say. Them aside, the only quote - and it's a highly selective extract - is from Durham Police. Poor, even by the very modest standards of the BBC. bbc.com/news/52828076

iPhone : A picture sparked fury instead of the fact that there are 60000 deaths attributed to #Covid19 in England alone. Shameful dereliction of duty by #Johnson and manipulation by #Cummings.

iPhone : Here’s Nicola Sturgeon answering my niece who was wondering “why her friends couldn’t come to her birthday party” I’ll post her video below! Thank you Nicola

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