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Sprout Social : I wonder if you’re weary trying to resuscitate something Jesus wants you to let go of.

Sprout Social : We don’t work FOR a relationship with God. We work FROM a relationship with God; which is given to us by what Jesus has already done.

Sprout Social : It's the goodness of God that leads us to change, it's the goodness of God that leads us to repentance.

Sprout Social : I refuse to use shame to fight racism. I will not do it. I will use love. And I will use truth. This is the Gospel.

Sprout Social : We want to follow Jesus wherever He goes. If this is where Jesus has to go, it’s where you and I have to go.

Sprout Social : It’s not principles and programs that change the world—it’s a resurrected man, and His name is Jesus.

Sprout Social : Jesus is the answer to the original sin of the United States of America. Only Jesus can change the human heart.

Sprout Social : Through worship—by the exaltation of the person of Jesus—healing will flow through the streets of our cities, our towns, and our villages, but it will also flow through the streams of our own souls and hearts.

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Sprout Social : In times like these, it’s our privilege and our honor to stand for all that Jesus stands for.

Sprout Social : I want my mind to keep changing—I think that’s one of the telling signs of the activity of Jesus in your life.