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Twitter Web App : Alan Exotic That's a really good point, thanks. I only have Time Machine backups (in addition to manual online backups for vital files), which wouldn't get me the entire imaged drive, and it's not clear what would happen with various programs in that scenario.

Twitter Web App : "Is it worth wasting a few of my scarce working hours to uninstall Catalina so that I can still score to video in my ancient version of Sibelius, or should I upgrade to Avid's evil subscription model" is just a miserable question all around, but here we are, any thoughts?

Twitter Web App : (to close the circle, I would be safer just playing her Whut? Thee Album, though then I'd have to explain that he's not actually freakin' in Korean)

Twitter Web App : I know this will come across like some kind of virtue signaling but seriously, it would be *invaluable* to know which albums are suddenly going to force to me to explain what is meant by a "red man" to my 5yo daughter

Twitter Web App : Congrats to my dear friend Matt and his colleagues, who all do incredibly valuable work, off the radar twitter.com/deepakguptalaw…

Twitter Web App : Now that Im a parent, I finally see the value of PARENTAL ADVISORY warnings

What we need is for Apple etc to slap a tag on shit like, oh, the Disney Peter Pan soundtrack, which takes *quite a turn* if youre not familiar

I mocked up a version for free. Who knows Tipper #onhere

Echofon : There are a number of good candidates along these lines, but my mind keeps coming back to

Gremlins 2: the Jew Batch

Twitter Web App : Possibly the worst engineering decision I’ve ever encountered in the wild: if you call AAA, a service designed to be called by stranded motorists, presumably from their cell phones, you’re automatically routed to the AAA for the state of your phone number’s area code