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Twitter Web App : Anthony Shaw 🐍 Just in case this is not just a problem here on my Chrome/Ubuntu setup, maybe you want to check the checkout page - it was not possible to click on the PayPal button, it only worked via credit card which I - as a European - I had to undust, as I usually never need one. Cheers!

Android : Well, after about 10000 hours of work over 13 years, it's probably about time for this...

I've released my entire "Practical Python Programming" course under a Creative-Commons license. Learn it, teach it, hack it, and have fun.


Android : Some figures about 3 months of #FFMEET:
- 360 CPU Cores
- 720 GB of RAM
- 847.955.871 HTTPS Requests
- ~800.000 Unique Users
- 810TB of Videotraffic
- ~10.000 app downloads
- 500 Tickets answered
- many commits and bug reports

Run by volunteers!


Android : Lunch break! No sun in the garden, but only up the "little" hill northwards? No problem. Let's ride the bike as I were in my twenties.

This was all fun until my fitness band beeped and I read "Ordering oxygen tent...".

P.S.: It was well worth the effort!

Twitter Web App : "Ja, ed25519 ist heute so der coole Scheiß"

Vielen lieben Dank! So und nicht anders sieht seriöse Beratung zum Thema Sicherheit aus! 😉

Twitter Web App : "If you carry out the installation yourself, please note that the installation changes fundamental data."

yours truly, some enterprisy, proprietary software

Now I am scared 🤪😱

Twitter Web App : TIL: There is an upcoming conference - dedicated to Flask - online - free for all to attend!

call for paper: until June 1st

conference: 4th and 5th July 2020


Twitter Web App : Hynek Schlawack Paul Ganssle Anthony Sottile I even printed that article!

Still, a replacement for `python setup.py test` is missing and I need a trustworthy source to link to

As otherwise I keep getting "But `python -m unittest discover..` is too verbose, so I stick with setup.py"-answers 🤪