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Bio Artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She/Her.
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Location Oregon, USA
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Twitter Web App : I’m a painter from England looking for any sort of work

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iPhone : The Phases of Art
"Great Idea"
"compromise in the sketch"
"This One Thing is good"
"Erase one thing for sake of Whole"
"Looks like Trash"
"Too far to give up"
"one last tiny flourish-oh damn it's done!"
"Except for one last thing"
"last last thing"

iPhone : Quarynnetine Valente I keep naively thinking “they will HAVE to start taking better precautions as things get worse! Surely they won’t just let everyone be put in danger!” I’m trying to wrap my head around just how many people just do NOT care that people suffer or die.

iPhone : Ri Kreiner Yes! But, every day it’s something! I try to figure out what’s up and it is impossible. (the answer of course is to just stay off twitter but that’s clearly not happening)

iPhone : It would be easier to figure out why things are trending if the trending topics weren’t full of nothing but people going “why is [x] trending??” and “[x] is trending for some reason???” Every. Damn. Time.

iPhone : *That* Heather Hudson (Point of clarification, the advice itself was gross). I’m pretty sure the exact same portfolio with a man’s name attached instead would have gotten actual, non garbage advice. What a fun world we live in.

iPhone : El Mundo Art from the #Loteria Grande Series. This one is especially meaningful to me today. Available as a Deluxe Print. #InLoteriaWeTrust johnpicacio.com/store/el-mundo…

iPhone : Currently feeling deep hatred for each and every shitty neighbor shooting off endless streams illegal fireworks all goddamn evening.