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Bio Artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She/Her.
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iPhone : How much stress and sadness can one suppress and compartmentalize before one finally breaks? Hmm. Guess I’ll find out eventually! 🙃

iPhone : Democrats need to think “what would the Republicans do if the shoe were on the other foot?” and just, do that. Because we’re not playing by a “fair” set of rules here and there’s no point in hoping that we will. Get ruthless, because a lot is on the line here.

Twitter Web App : It is not possible to overstate the danger the America is in right now. We need to immediately DONATE to all downballot blue candidates. With the judicial in peril there is no hope for this country if we do not take the legislative & executive. That means HOUSE/SENATE/PRESIDENCY

Twitter Web App : Kim Sokol I'm the same way!! It's not hard, but it's also SO hard?? WHY. Filling out contracts, sending files, sending invoices, replying to emails. It has never gotten easier! I don't know why!

iPhone : It got lost a bit in the noise but THIS GUY IS ON TRUMPS SHORT LIST FOR SUPREME COURT. If you think this election doesn’t matter, todays the day to wake up. Woman’s rights will be criminalized for the rest of our lives if he wins. Women will die. Register votesaveamerica.com

iPhone : It looked like it chugged it’s way over some of the big fires on the way here, so hopefully that helped (and didn’t just create mudslides 😬)

iPhone : Woken up at 3:30am by the biggest fuck thunderstorm storm of the year parking itself and unleashing torrential rain on my house. Well, we wanted rain! XD it would be nice if it didn’t come immediately with flood warnings, but what can you do.

Twitter Web App : Julie R ✏ "They’re literally just feathers and bones...Almost as if they have been flying until they just couldn’t fly any more.” Why must everything be so relentlessly heartbreaking all of the time.

iPhone : Unit of a mom daring you to come closer to her nest.

Still chugging away at #Smaugust

#dragon #crocodile #art #fantasy #sketch #illustration

Twitter Web App : Anathema Device *BLM* One of the most depressing things for me is that you can have so many people working hard to do the right thing, and it just takes one single solitary idiot to potentially destroy it all. So much effort and thought and care to build and create, so little to destroy.