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Bio Artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She/Her.
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Twitter Web App : Were back up and running! Check out the new site (which looks a whole lot like the old site)! Our publication on Medium will remain active for a while, but make sure to take note of the new submission page link!
#flashfiction bit.ly/2SiLXIf

Twitter Web App : rainbo tiger :D 🐅🌈 im pretty proud of this piece

Twitter Web App : Suzie Nieman Same, friend. This time of year is Not Fun and pandemic times are making it Even Less Fun. I see you. (and miss you! <3)

Twitter Web App : ALSO, not sure what I was thinking when I assumed that working on the skeletons would be LESS complicated than the live versions...

Twitter Web App : 2 tahun kemudian

Bu Susi Pudjiastuti : maaf Bapa Paus, kalau ada acara bagi-bagi ikan saya jangan di mention, saya batal jadi donatur. ikan kami sudah habis ditangkap Cantrang, bibit lobster kami sudah dijual bebas buat biaya partai

🐎 twitter.com/KakekHalal/sta…

Twitter Web App : Im in favour of the younger generation being called Zoomers because a Toronto media magnate has since 2008 tried to brand seniors as Zoomers and gone so far as to launch a lifestyle magazine called Zoomer and it has never EVER caught on

Twitter Web App : The Last of Us 2 photo mode tips & tricks thread:

Lets start with a simple portrait. This particular room/spot has a nice, soft, bloomy light. Finding good lights & shadows make about 95% of your shot. This thread can hopefully help you with the remaining 5%.


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Android : The news is on in the living room and I literally cant believe that schools are trying to open right now.
Children already spread illness so easily and youre gonna make that shit COVID-19?! This is the most careless thing Ive seen yet they really dont care if we die huh?