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Bio Artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She/Her.
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Twitter Web App : Quality cat content.

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iPhone : I don’t think people understand.

This is NYC right now. Day 30. In a row.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement is just getting started.

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Twitter Web App : Now let justice reign for the family of the countless victims Like the Reenas dad #MedgarEvers & so many others who died under this banner of oppression & violence. Mississippi its now time to right the wrongs. Lets get #JusticeForEmmettTill its been 65 years too long. twitter.com/MSFreePress/st…

Android : Surrrrrrreeee. By my count of the stories Ive read, no less then a dozen women reported various employees and yet you chose to do fuck all. Does this new reporting system go directly into the trash bin too? twitter.com/gamasutra/stat…

Twitter Web App : I REPEAT: BLACK OWNED GRITS COMPANY OUT OF S.C. We need to support them! Check em out on IG instagram.com/thelaruegroup?…

iPhone : 🍬Candy Bara🍬 The way that I’ve always felt, is that I draw because it’s what I enjoy to do. Period. Being the “best” artist is pretty much meaningless in my opinion, because it’s subjective to everyone’s standards. Therefore giving up because you’re “not the best” is also just as meaningless.

Twitter Web App : This! The pages of my sketchbooks aren’t perfect, the sketches aren’t perfect. But each have a potential for a story. My sketchbook is my playground. My mad scientist lab full of weird experiments twitter.com/hoardiculture/…

iPhone : Conservation biologists be like I know a spot then tell you they cant show you because the species is critically endangered and highly sought after in the pet trade.