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iPhone : I just realised that without my glasses on “Trump” looks like “Turnip” and now I wish I’d discovered this four years ago

iPhone : “Just sitting there”? With a one-year-old and zero childcare options? I haven’t sat down since the beginning of April…

iPhone : I don’t often decide to leave a book half-finished but this FBI guy has just tried to assert his authority by speaking an octave higher, so I think I’m done here

Twitter for iPad : “Some people won’t learn...” says the man who was humiliated in two Conservative leadership contests and still thinks he should be in charge…

Twitter Web App : Is it a tape of Rebekah Brooks telling the News UK security firm to destroy all the emails?…

Twitter for iPad : Who says “a hard rain is coming” with a straight face and thinks it sounds impressive?

Twitter for iPad : If Dominic Cummings wasn’t faced with a wall of giggling camera-off mic-muted spads when he said “a hard rain is coming” I’ll be astonished…

iPhone : I suspect all of my friends can relate to this.

You’re up late on a Friday night, browsing eBay, and you stumble across some satellites.

“I’ve always wanted some of those”, you proclaim. Having, in fact, never wanted them before.

Seller’s description looks good, so you buy.

Twitter Web App : Also, I dont think this is the clever rebuttal they imagine it is. Its not a corrupt grade prediction racket, actually. Were just consistently shit at predicting, and the numbers back us up on that.…