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Android : ... addicted to this ... to calm anxiety down
And I never would admit because society clowns
Any nigga with a problem ... Wintertime - Cordae
So in the eternal words of Kendrick Lamar we always chant
We gon be alright!

Android : Kendrick and J.Cole been making music on this specific subject matter but you lot called them boring

Android : One of my favourite off Dusty Foot Philosopher by Knaan Warsame Struggling
🎶My season will come it has to, honestly I feel like Im 10 months pregnant, Im past due
Not to mention Knaan as one of the best out of Africa has to be criminal!!

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Android : The world is a dumpster right now, so here’s this wholesomeness.

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Android : MLK's face here speaks volumes .. homeboy be like "Really? You don't really know what I was saying huh?"…

Android : “Sad to see the old slave mill, is grinding slow yet grinding still, walking home a youth gets killed, police free to shoot at will, sad to see the old slave mill, grinding slow yet grinding still” #justiceforgeorgefloyd #sayhisname…

Android : The moment she switches her gaze to the camera .. and when the beat drops ..
Oldie but a Goldie!

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Android : Eyes .. face .. smile .. did I mention the eyes, .. the face and the smile? What I meant to mention was the eyes, the face and the smile .. coz wow! Those eyes, that face .. that smile 🔥🔥🔥…


1. Intro
2. Midnight Train
3. Insecure
4. Feel my love
5. Brighter Days ft. Soweto Gospel Choir
6. Nenda Lote
7. Suzanna
8. Set me free (Interlude)
9. My everything (ft. India.Arie)
10. Wake up (ft. Mortimer)
11. Sober
12. Rhumba Japani
13. Disco Matanga

Android : Mortimer .. India Arie .. 🙆🏿‍♂️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾…