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Android : I don’t know who needs to hear this but: attention on social media will never be an adequate substitute for the love you deserved, but didn’t receive when you were young.

Android : Theodore Co Even I have limits to what I now hahaha my scope of knowledge is job hunting (and doing it in a pandemic), salary negotiating, and blogging + consulting and that's about it, idk anything about employment or legal stuff 😂

Twitter Web App : Maybe I should just make this into a live webinar or some recording, but then again, I'd miss that live aspect of seeing how the audience reacts to all the formula templates I show hahaha

Twitter Web App : There's always this 1 moment when I give that talk, be it to 10 people or 150 people, where I see someone in the audience who is having this massive realization of how much work they have to do and I love that moment, it means my job here is done~

Twitter Web App : I miss giving talks for college orgs on how to write a resume as a graduating student 🤪 I checked my calendar and in march 2019, I gave that same exact talk 13 times live for free, didn't charge a cent just cuz I like giving talks

Twitter Web App : THAT WAS FAST!!! Thank you for a very vibrant and engaging discussion. Register your activism here!!!
buff.ly/2X43O89 Sign the manifesto!
Stay tuned for more updates! Feel free to keep on answering! Theres no physical distancing in demanding that #SheDecides!

Twitter Web App : A11: By making sure they're represented in the planning and decision-making process. By making sure their voice is heard, their opinions respected, their needs met. And by not assuming that 1 solution will work for everyone.

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Twitter Web App : A10: Organizations asking for donations to buy sanitary napkins and them having to share stories like if they don't get those napkins, these girls will free-bleed, not by choice but because of financial necessity. Nobody should have to go through that.

#SheDecides #SheDecidesNOW twitter.com/SheDecidesPH/s…

Twitter Web App : As citizens today, we need to let our leaders+policy-makers know that this is a non-negotiable service, with or without a crisis. In the long-term, we need to demand our leaders be educated on the needs of women+children
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