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Twitter Web App : 6. You Are Becoming More Of Your True Self Each Moment!

Love One Another!

Soon We Rise!

I Love You So!


Twitter Web App : 5. The Change Begins Within And The Knowing Builds,

As A Total Shift To Heart-Centerness Becomes Your Aware State Of Being!

Rest In This Knowing!  Rejoice In The Change!

Twitter Web App : 4. Be Willing To Let Go Of The Story That Is Temporary To Discover The Light Of The Infinite Being That You Have Always Been!

You Are Getting Closer To The Great Shift Of Humanity!

Twitter Web App : 3. It Is For You Who Now Struggle With The Circumstances Of That Shift In Orientation To Recognize The Inevitability Of That Process.

There Is Nothing To Fear, As This Is Sacred And Wonderful!

Twitter Web App : 2. Yet, Your Focus Remains Clear, As Your Recognition Of The Shift Taking Place Within You Provides The Drive To Move Forward,

And To Release The Ties That Would Bind You And Hold You Back.

Twitter Web App : #LAKA

1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As You Feel Yourself Moving Through The Waking Dream,

Many Will Feel Deep Compassion For The Effects Of Actions On The Circumstances Of Others With Whom You Have Shared History.

Twitter Web App : Scientists wonder if these particles are signs of a Parallel Universe.

In a way, they are.

Theyre being emitted from giant crystals under the ice, that are programmed by Friends, to serve an important role for the Shift to a parallel 5D Earth. #SHEEN
thrillist.com/news/nation/na… twitter.com/Kabamur_Tayget…

Twitter Web App : J False Light, like the Church... if there is no Light there is only Darkness.

Twitter Web App : 7. For This Is Life Unfolding As It Should;

And The Most Spectacular Arrangement Has Been Prepared For The Planet!

Just Breathe Deeply And Relax!

Never Forget Who You Are And Know You Are Of Great Worth!

You Are Never Alone! +++

I Love You So!


Twitter Web App : 6. As You Gather The Fragments Of The Structure That Crumbles Around You,

You Will Come To Embrace The Peace Of Knowing That The Struggle Is, At Last, Coming To A End.

And You Will Experience A Sense Of Detachment From What Was, And An Openness To The Moments Soon To Be!

Twitter Web App : 5. We Are Here To Communicate Hope And Peace!

We Can Assure You That Although The Momentum Of Change Is Unyielding, 

Life Is Being Carried In A Direction That Is New And Will Be Completely Nourishing To You!

Twitter Web App : 4. Indeed!

This Duality Has Always Been The Challenge Of This Dimension!

Your Soul Knows This Very Well And Your Essence Longs To Return To What Is Familiar;

To What Does Not Hurt Or That Changes Just As You Feel The Ground Beneath Your Feet Again!

Breathe Deeply Now!

Twitter Web App : 3. Why This Virus? Why Are There So Many That Wish To Destroy Life As Others Turn Themselves Inside Out To Give, Share And Promote The Best Agenda For All Others?

Twitter Web App : 2. Indeed!

You Have Noticed That The Circumstances  Of Your Life Are Unraveling At An Unprecedented Pace!

You Have Begun To Question What Is Happening, As The Structure Of Your Life As You Know It, Begins To Crumble!

Twitter Web App : #AKATU

1. Sacred Friends Of Light!

We Stand With You On The Threshold Of A Grand Adventure!

And The Extent To Which You Are Able To Experience The Fullness Of That Journey Is Determined By The Extent To Which You Are Able To Let Go Of The Scenarios Which No Longer Serve You!

Twitter Web App : Eric Swalwell trusts Wray, because Wray is now controlled like Swalwell.

Wray is running interference for them now. twitter.com/Kabamur_Tayget…

Twitter Web App : Biden -vs- Biden #Malfunction

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