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iPhone : Comedy clubs that are open cuz they think comedians can’t afford to not do club spots don’t understand that most comedians REALLY can’t afford to get coronavirus

iPhone : I called something “dope” and someone said “ok boomer.” Ive never heard any boomers in my family call something dope but does this mean I get to retire and settle down in the 5 bedroom house I bought in the 90s

iPhone : I'm not saying it's 100% of the time, but the unmasked people I've seen on the street have some of the worst lower faces. Why not cover that shit up when they're giving you a good excuse to???

iPhone : “But who is gonna see a movie with a nobody trans person starring in the lead role?”

As if the cis A-lister who was supposedly so interested in the project “because of the story” couldn’t lend it some clout by helping promote it