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iPhone : People will speak out against “Big Government,” then demand government action when Twitter makes them press an extra button to retweet.

iPhone : George Conway tend toward leaving it up, but perhaps with an entire explanation and a new article linked in the next issue. Recall Jimmy’s World at Post in the ore-Internet days. Their investigation that they printed was truly some story: washingtonpost.com/archive/politi…

iPhone : I think leave up until the fact checking done and then maybe — depending on result — leave it with the correction top. Or take it down and leave only the correction top. Other stories like it have been removed so don’t go all righteous on me.

iPhone : To be clear I am not dunking on FB for trying this! They are trying to be responsible here. I just wonder how you justify turning the thing back on after the election, given that 90% of users don't live in the US and there's always an election somewhere.