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Twitter Web App : .Elizabeth Warren tells Abby D. Phillip: “How about if we're unified against insurrection? How about if we're unified for accountability? Unity starts with accountability. And then unity is about doing the work that the American people want done. It's not about ideology."

Twitter Web App : To save their planet, we have to kill their jobs. CNN contributor John Sutter asks: In the fight against the climate crisis, what do we owe the workers who have helped power America for decades? cnn.it/3626APt

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Twitter Web App : Jim Acosta CNN Wishing and praying for the best ! Thank you for all the works you guys do to keep us inform.

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Twitter Web App : Here they are! Two typical Washingtonians. Peter Tracey, a lawyer and Shawntia Humphries, working for the government. We are all friends now. Thank you social media for bringing us together ❤️Get the full story at NRK.no
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Twitter Web App : That’s the job of a journalist. We are not the enemy of the people. We are here FOR the people. All of you. twitter.com/tiffanymurray/…


What happened today in DC is a sad day in the history of one of the most democratic countries in the world.

Our words have consequences and we saw it today. I hope we learn much from this so we prevent it in the future.

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