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Bio excuse me. have you ever wondered if Ben & Jerry make more than just ice cream together? (she/her)
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iPhone : Say something nice to the glowing bestial eyes watching you from just behind the wood line. You never know what they might be going through.

iPhone : Oliver oh yeah I gotchu!!! ❀️ I’m on lunch break rn and just got screamed at for because I didn’t break the law for a customer so I guess I’m just on guard πŸ˜‚

iPhone : Oliver Totally agree, just commenting on my personal experience over the last few weeks when younger people have consistently been kind and understanding, while the customers who are rude and aggressive are consistently older.

iPhone : her: i’ll have the salad, no nuts, please

waiter: of course

me: it didn’t say it had nuts

her: i’m allergic, so I tell them to be safe

me: that makes sense

waiter: and for you?

me: steak, no bees, please

iPhone : Government to disabled people: you should try to get a job.

Also government: but, you can’t have more than 2,000$ while you’re on our services.

Also - wheelchair vans (to get to and from said job) are at least $35,000.

My point? The govt keeps disabled ppl locked into poverty.