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Bio That picture of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor is not even real, someone obviously Photoshopped his head onto Keanu Reevess body.
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Android : t.j. miller Having a meaningful alliance with another human is a powerful thing.

I did read that Olfactory Fingery is the #17 most likely way to get infected with covid though, hope you have modified your love language and hanging from window PDA practices.

Twitter Web App : Kumail Nanjiani retroactively euthanize all horses that are descended from those of the Pony Express. If you think about it, we should really be hating those ponies a lot more than we do. I blame schools and their liberal horse respecting, if not horse loving, agendas.

Twitter Web App : Jon Favreau I had not seen this, thanks for sharing. I keep feeling that she is such a powerful Senator, but in reality, she is kind of flat out powerful wherever she goes.

Twitter Web App : Michael Tracey I don't know about epidemic, that is a bit steep. Trauma is ubiquitous, it shapes all of us, including you, it is more a part of who we become as humans than our general cultures, and actually trauma in it's many forms has shaped these cultures, and personal perspectives.

Twitter Web App : Ginny Hogan_ I teach with an online high school. We have an office setting, like a bullpen so we can collaborate. During my first 3-4 years, I was the only dude at my site. It was me and 13 women. It was as if I did not exist, hilarious, and at times scary. They are some of my best friends.

Twitter Web App : t.j. miller one can easily make a spear from the dead limbs of all the money trees that we are flationing.

Android : Céspedes Family BBQ In my OOTP 21 sim, I am partly running the O's and Chance is the glue to the 60 wins they have on September 15th. Batting .320 with 25 hr and 90 RBI, pulling a collective 5 WAR, I would love for him be real😂

Twitter Web App : Jomboy Only 1 point behind Chapman in defensive rating this year, last year, he was 18 points behind. He is a solid defender, and all around 3 bag these days.

Android : Dan Wilbur Same, but on Steam, got Skyrim GOTY, Oblivion GOTY, and Morrowind GOTY for $20!!! Gonna play em on PC with mods for the first time, a whole other level!

Twitter Web App : Jon Lovett I finally started for the first time, a modded PC play through of Fallout New Vegas and it is so dam good.

Twitter Web App : ellory smith Amy Silverberg he must have forgotten his faith values earlier, seeking first the kingdom of heaven and all that. Do you think he knows that our existence right now is the kingdom? Would love to see the look on his face.

Twitter Web App : Mike Pence hmmm, sounds like someone is not seeking first the kingdom of heaven, I am tellllllllling!