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Twitter Web App : So Kiernan and I will not be mini road-tripping South this weekend . . . twitter.com/gretakaul/stat…

Twitter Web App : In case you're curious whether me being on 8 million complicated, legally intensive phone calls every day has convinced Kiernan that a legal career would be exciting and worth pursuing, the answer to that is . . . no.

Twitter Web App : snipy But I feel like the idea that adjuncting at law schools involves an "honorarium" rather than being real work was prevalent at the U when I was there.

Twitter Web App : snipy Ugh. B has a 9-month contract at the U in CLA (so undergrads) and doesn't have advising/summer work besides the occasional rec letter but I guess they just assume he updates his prep in the days between 9/1 and the Tuesday after labor day?

Twitter Web App : snipy Is that more common at law schools? Baxter definitely did "work all summer w/ delayed paychecks until almost October after school in August/September" in grad school/some NTT or adjunct teaching jobs, but never just not getting paid until the semester's over. That's unacceptable.

iPhone : lauren ahmed I’m so glad all the Girl Scout camps canceled for that reason. Both for the reasons you mention and also because the thought of disappointing my kid and having to bring her home makes me want to barf.

Twitter Web App : That's me! Should be a fun time (and free CLE credit!). twitter.com/locklaw/status…

Twitter Web App : M Not to mention the MUFFY'S DOLLHOUSE, a store whose name I find so confounding 20 years later that it inspires giggles in all who get stories about my posh Edina upbringing.

Twitter Web App : M I will love Southdale and its starter mall cousin, the Galleria, for all of my days.