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iPhone : “The Trump administration changed housing policy to deny federally backed housing loans to young undocumented immigrants while repeatedly telling Congress there were no changes made, according to internal emails and other documents...” buzzfeednews.com/article/nidhip…

iPhone : Thank you Leonardo DiCaprio for your commitment to listening, learning and for you action in supporting the NAACP as we push forward in the fight for justice and equitable treatment in communities of color. twitter.com/leodicaprio/st…

iPhone : George Floyd changed the world. We honor his memory by continuing to fight against police brutality until we change the rules of the systems that suffocate us. #RestInPower twitter.com/CNN/status/126…

iPhone : The cop in this video being applauded for standing with protestors? He was acquitted of gunning down Maurice Hampton, a black man running away from him, 5 years ago. Don’t march with these murderers! twitter.com/thetadocz/stat…

Twitter Web App : Racism and trauma are unfortunate partners. Join us for a webinar with Agnes Chen and Vicki Park on trauma-informed Care. Agnes and Vicki are passionate about promoting empathy and co-creating resilient and trauma-informed communities. June 11th at 7 pm. calgarycommongood.org/trauma_informe…

iPhone : consume more revolutionary content. don’t allow this moment to be filtered through the establishment class media outlets. this includes social media. read books about socialist revolutions. watch documentaries/interviews about socialist revolutions. we become what we consume

Twitter Web App : I’m at the protest begging everyone to stop using swear words

iPhone : Breaking news: A Nashville judge has blocked the state of TN from requiring an excuse for those under 60 to vote by mail. Any TN voter may request an absentee ballot for the Aug and Nov elections. Story posting shortly.

Twitter Web App : daily reminder: the system is not broken because it is doing amazingly well at what it was designed to do. therefore, the system does not need fixing (again, because it is not broken). rather it needs abolishing & replacement. understood?

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Twitter Web App : Breaking News: Sky-Hobbits help ferns disperse by pooping. And by Sky-Hobbits, I mean the enigmatic NZ bat, Mystacina tuberculata.

Its basically what happened with the Ents in LOTR. (Or maybe Im confusing that story with something else.)

Way to go, Kathleen Collier! twitter.com/walkingbats/st…

TweetDeck : Organizer in Portland says they are switching to saying non-violent resistance rather than peaceful protest.

“We do not have justice so we do not have peace. We can be non-violent but we cannot be peaceful.”

(reporting via Molly Harbarger)

Twitter Web App : We must commit to fundamental change. Words are not enough. We need collective action for racial justice. Here is a list of resources to sustain the momentum of this moment and harness this energy toward making true progress.

Twitter Web App : Symptoms of systemic racism and oppression know many names: Police brutality. Hunger. Poverty. Were proud to stand with the millions who have taken to the streets to demand justice & liberation—and pledge to support allies leading the movement during this time of profound grief.