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Android : Mehnn, but Motara may loose all her endorsement on this space.

I still pity the mom all the same.

If she saw what her pretty daughter did to a pauper & all that was said to her daughter & some to her. The woman might break.

Na we dey do ourselves for this life shaa.

Android : I shaa hope my generation will be able to apologise to their children when they do or say something wrong to them than saying "junior, oya come and check if this shirt is your size"

I just hope

Android : If she can't admit her wrong & apologize, don't even think about taking the fall.

You will keep doing it till you loose your worth.

It's like a brick wall. you will keep removing those bricks till the wall is reduced to rubble.

Android : If you are a core stoner & you do drugs. Be sure you complement them both with eating good food , exercise & proper medication.

Not when you eat only noodles, bread & coke & you are stoning + doing drugs.

Rehab center is not as cheap as it looks yo.

Android : Sister code : A sis must endeavor wearing neat undies & keeping her honey pot clean because a bro will remove the undies with his teeth before attending to "what lies beneath"

Android : It's not every girl you see around a rich guy you should be envying.

Some of them are just there to fit into their cliques standards (soroity sisters.They must all date rich guys.)

Most often , they don't even see the money you think they see. Just front seat of Venza & knacks.

Android : Be sure she is okay with it before you spank her ass in public.

Women love their ass spanked softly by the right person , but don't be too carried away to do it in public. Especially if you are not sure if she is cool with it .

PS: spank it softly, it's not mouka foam 😒

Android : If she doesn't like you for intimacy, don't force her . A woman's mind is strong. The more you force her ,the more she is withdrawing from you ,even on a platonic level.