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Bio Oldham Athletic. Founder members of the Premier (greedy) League.
Love Europe, detest the EU. Not too keen on this virus either.

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Android : The BBC news tonight appeared to be little more than an undiluted attack on the UK & US Governments. Im critical of both. But, the News now crosses a line, its politicised & its clearly anti Tory & anti-Trump. The is a dangerous development as it is distorting our democracy.

Android : All the MP’s from all the Parties..... bitching about having to queue to vote makes my blood boil!!! Do your f**king jobs..... you get paid enough and if it takes 3 hours to vote .... suck it up and get on with it. Bunch of snivelling, entitled , overpaid w**kers!

Android : Another shocking YouGov poll further declining trust in UK media:

* only 46% of Brits trust the media
* 36% of right wingers trust media - down from 55% in April
* 59% of Brits avoid the news altogether…

Android : You said nothing, literally NOTHING in condemnation of daily and brutal police attacks on #GiletsJaunes in France, about which you could have done something given your exalted position. You utter, rampant hypocrite.…

Android : 🏆 WORLD CUP OF KITS 🏆

So, we are done. You’ve voted and decided that your favourite #oafc shirt of all time, is....

🔵 1991-92 Blue 🔵

A worthy winner and we loved bringing this bit of fun to you all. We hope you enjoyed it. What next, goalkeepers?! 🤔 #oafc

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Android : Odd that none of the newspapers covering Rachel Johnson's 185-mile journey and overnight stay at her second home mention that she played tennis the next morning with the editor of The Times…

Android : Stephen Brown Jas Taylor Especially the man boy Jones....

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Android : We have no worth to the EU beyond providing money to fund their dreams. The relationship is an abusive one - remember “Brexit: Behind Closed Doors”? Their “cure” for non-compliant us? Threaten us further. No thank you, EU. We are off to a bright new life, free of EU control.

Android : I loathe political opportunism, whether from Left or Right. Political opportunism means you condemn a man for driving to Durham - “He might have killed people by spreading the virus, the murderous maniac!” - and then a week later egg on hundreds protesting in Trafalgar Square.