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Twitter Web App : there was a verse i cut at the last minute, idk why, but it went "oh i'm drunk, and on a star, just like Smith, between parked cars".

Twitter Web App : Fast forward to age 18, 2006, I lived in Portland, OR for 2 months and used to go to the 711 mentioned in St. Ides Heaven to buy 40's and drink between parked cars just like he mentions in the song. I wrote my own song about this very act called Drunk And On A Star.

Twitter Web App : (now that i've done the math i was age 10 and not 12, ok - goodnight!)

Twitter Web App : Now i'm watching some pirate footage of him playing that same song on SNL in '98. The year may still be 2020 and we may still be in lockdown but Elliotts music will forever transcend. What a legend. RIP.

iPhone : I put it on in my moms car on the way home and remember thinking “this is cool and sorta sounds like The Beatles”

iPhone : When I was 12 years old I went to my Blockbuster and the local radio station had a wheel set up with band names written on it for customers to spin and get a free CD. I spun the wheel and it landed on some old guy named Elliott Smith and they gave me his new single Waltz #2

Twitter Web App : Happy December first! All apparel and accessories in my web store are 20% off throughout the month. Just use code SANTAKEV at check out. Happy holidays! ❄️…

iPhone : The “Where Wallace” scene in the Wire is the best scene in television history.

Or at least one of them.

iPhone : Had a dream that I was asked to join Blink182 for a performance of “Don’t Leave Me” at the Play Boy Music Awards. They also asked their childhood friend to join for this performance, too, but he had never played music before and didn’t know how to play the F chord. mark the herald angels sing