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Twitter Web App : Putting a piece together for ConvertKit on ranking YouTube videos fast. What's your #1 YouTube SEO tip?

Twitter Web App : Sean McCabe Hey Sean - sent you a DM the other day re quotes for a ConvertKit piece I'm writing. Would still love to hear back from you - LMK if you have questions 🙏

Twitter Web App : Hey Twitter writers and editor friends, I'm considering hiring an editor. Someone who could edit my pieces before I send them off to my clients. Who do you recommend?

Twitter Web App : 4 things every freelance writer should do:

1. Specialize/become a SME.
2. Have a process and share your workflow.
3. Be proactive with communication.
4. Follow directions, submit on time (or before.)

Do these simple things and your clients will love you.

Twitter Web App : 💪 I have spots open for May!
This is for you if:
1 You're a bootstrapped b2b SaaS founder
2.Dont have a marketing hire yet, but want to start to build an audience while your product is new or before launch
3.Need help bouncing ideas off someone
4.Need help organizing

Twitter Web App : Roberto Blake 🧢 #AWESOMESQUAD I'm writing an article for ConvertKit's blog to help online creators rank YouTube videos fast. I'm hoping you'd be willing to contribute some thoughts based on your experience. Mind if I DM you one short question? 🙏

Twitter Web App : Matt Ragland I'm writing an article for ConvertKit on ranking YT videos quickly, and I'm hoping you'd be willing to contribute a few thoughts based on your experience. Mind if I send you a couple short qns? 🙏

Twitter Web App : Sharing again for the morning crowd 👋…

Twitter Web App : So the live training is definitely happening 🔥

One final qn: How much would you be willing to pay for a 1hr live session teaching how to come up with content ideas for your blog, with follow-up feedback from me on your ideas?

Twitter Web App : Related: Owen Williams ⚡ wrote about the same problem last month, and his post is worth a read:….

Trying to make the same decisions based on what's best for your kids just adds a whole new layer of complication.

Twitter Web App : I guess I'm not looking for advice - I don't believe either country is right or wrong, and I can't predict where we'll end up. I just wanted to share my thoughts on how the two countries are reacting, since it makes me sad.

Twitter Web App : But we're luckier than most. We both run profitable businesses that can operate from anywhere in the world. The kids and us have the freedom to live, work, and study in Australia or NZ.

I'm torn.

Twitter Web App : I try not to share many thoughts about this stuff on here, because I don't want you to think I'm just a jaded expat. I love 🇺🇸 despite its faults. It feels like home.

Twitter Web App : But watching the difference in attitudes in real time is weighing on me.

Right now Denver has similar COVID statistics to the WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA. One city, compared to a whole country. And of course Denver is better off than many other cities.

Twitter Web App : Early March, my parents (who live in Sydney) asked if we had thought about traveling back to 🇦🇺 for a while. Of course we said no—uprooting two kids for a few months ain't exactly simple (or cheap). After 12 years of living out here, 🇺🇸 feels like home.