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Twitter Web App : Catching up on last night's #HIGNFY and honestly I've never felt so justified in having a weird crush on Hislop

Twitter Web App : I'm really glad - not to mention immensely privileged - that I was living alone and going to therapy long before All This kicked off. I have done a lot of work on learning how to ride out bad moods, talk myself through things, and so on. But being on your own side isn't easy.

Twitter Web App : It's really hard to cheer yourself out of bad/sad moods. If you've got someone around, they can tell you when you're being silly, remind you you're brilliant, provide a steadying influence when you need it.

Twitter Web App : I've had a few conversations about being single during lockdown recently and while I personally have been fine about it, it's been hard for other people, and I think that's because looking after yourself - particularly emotionally - is actually quite difficult

Twitter Web App : Honking with laughter at the painful accuracy of this part of Morans column today…

iPhone : I still think I’m going to have to issue a statement to my friends that runs roughly thus: my love for you is eclipsed by my hatred for Zoom. We’ll speak in The Aftermath; you’ll be fine. Love you, bye.

Twitter Web App : And with a jab in the tits from the wire, Favourite Bra has breathed its last. Fucksake.