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Bio Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures.

Chaotic neutral.

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TweetDeck : So corona can pass between animals and humans.

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TweetDeck : Neither rain nor snow nor gl om of ni t can stay these mes engers abo t their duty.

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TweetDeck : Caught in the act.

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TweetDeck : Pretty much me when forced into social interaction.

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TweetDeck : Stumbled on an extended version of this video, so here ya go.

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TweetDeck : Got bored, downloaded the Reface app to do a sedition.

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TweetDeck : AJ shoe Pretty much is normal YouTube drama these days with the amount of idiots and streamers pulling guns, getting shot or just doing some fucking retarded shit.

TweetDeck : shoe Dude doorstepped Boogie, was stalking/hassling him, Boogie pulled his gun, fired a warning shot, got cops involved after.

Nothing too exciting really, just more YouTube drama.